Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Hikes Review

My Hikes™ Pant Cuff Fasteners make your child's cuffed pants look like cleverly accessorized My Hikes™ Pant Cuff Fastenersclothing instead of clothing mishaps.

When I received the My Hikes™ pant cuff fasteners in the mail, my son’s attention immediately gravitated towards this fun accessory!
My 2.5yr old now loves showing off his choo-choo and in a few occasions I found Leo wearing his My Hikes™ on his shirt or clipped on his side pockets, where he can see and touch it!
Kids love the whimsical, rubbery, 3-D touchable art that looks adorable on their pants.

My Hikes™ Pant Cuff Fasteners will help you adjust the length of your kids’ pants in a fun and useful way.My Hikes™ Pant Cuff Fasteners

• Kids can start wearing the next size up without damaging the new pant cuffs! Using My Hikes™ will actually help you buy a little bigger and get more wear out of your kids’ pants.

• Kids can roll pants just off the shoe for cooler weather, for wearing with boots, double-roll capri-style when the weather heats up, for water play, when a pant size becomes embarrassingly short, or when kids just need to roll up their pants.

• And the best about My Hikes™ is that kids LOVE to wear them! My Hikes™ Designsimgres

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