Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inspire Your Walls

My owly new friend watches over me at my desk
and greets customers with his friendly demeanor.
Local visitors will have already been introduced to my owly new friend who watches over me at my desk. He was sent out from the folks at Inspire Your Walls.

His presence above my till has been awesome. Every customer sees him there and most comment. Many of them touch to see just what he’s made of, and every single one reads the sign. From a business perspective, this is an absolutely amazing product. With the countless designs offered by Inspire Your Walls, including custom work, any business could use this as a means of advertising virtually any product, sale or event, or just decorating the walls.

When I placed the remaining speech bubbles in my home, it was a great way to engage my children in dinner plans. We update the bubbles daily and when they see what is written, and can read it themselves (sometimes with the aid of a drawing), they are more excited and willing to eat dinner.

Chalk board decals are semi-permanent – easy to apply, they stay on the wall indefinitely, but peel off easily enough (with the aid of a blow dryer) when you’re ready for a change. It’s not limited to wall applications. Inspire Your Walls also makes chalk board labels for applying to your jars and containers at home. Mark with chalk, but erase with ease when the contents of the container changes.

With this promotion, we are also giving away a set of chalkboard labels AND two speech bubbles. What will you use it for? Show us! To enter, take a picture of why you need the product – either the place where you’d put it, an example of your disorganization demonstrating a need for labelling, or get creative. Entries will be judged on creativity, popularity, and a wee bit of randomness. Entries will be posted on our Facebook page for everyone to see. Email your photos to between now and Friday, June 1, at 8pm (Pacific time). We'll post them in an Uninspired Walls folder on Facebook. On Saturday, we'll vote on the winners!

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