Saturday, March 26, 2011

WrapTrap GIVEAWAY! Stuff it, Wrap it, Trap it!

This weekend I had the chance to try a WrapTrap, a food clip made in Canada with food grade plastic that will help your little ones to EAT their food wraps!

Here is how it works:
I made the wrap as usual.
First I STUFFED it. (I used turkey, steamed vegetables, cheese and lettuce)
Then I WRAPPED it,IMG_0657
(My son picked the hippo and frog WrapTraps!)
Cut in half
And for the first time ever my 18 month old ate his wrap without having it falling apart on his little hands!IMG_0660

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*Winner is asked to review the product!

The WrapTrap Story

It all started in Karen’s kitchen in 2009. She had prepared a wrap for herself and gave her 3 year old and 1 ½ year old a plate with the same ingredients, but no wrap – there was no way she was going to deal with the frustration and mess of the contents spilling onto her kids’ laps and the floor! Her 3 year old asked to have what ‘mommy’ was having. In a moment of inspiration she used a large chip clip to secure the bottom of her kid’s wraps… and presto her WrapTrap idea was born!

For a few weeks she used the chip clips. However, Karen became concerned about the spring on the chip clip being a choking hazard, chip clips were not made of food grade plastic and using products with her kids that were not made in Canada. She also discovered very quickly that the bag clips didn’t really work since even her youngest could open the clip easily leaving the contents of the wrap on the floor. With all of these problems with the clips and after hearing for the umpteenth time what a great idea it was, Metcalfe decided to do something about it. With a shoestring budget, solid belief in her idea, creative friends to back her up, complete support from her husband and a burning desire to do something locally, she set up her Windsor company to take WrapTraps to market.

The WrapTrap is 100% Canadian - from concepts and prototypes to printing and distribution, everything was done in Windsor, Ontario. BPA free and dishwasher safe, WrapTraps come in four animal styles and makes eating wraps a riot for kids and a snap for Mom.

Stuff it, Wrap it, Trap it! - The WrapTrap


  1. iam the soft taco making queen but still end up with half the filling on my plate i need this

  2. I need not only for my little one but for my husband as well. He makes such a mess with wraps and always complains that he can't keep it wrapped. Make my life easier lol. Thanks Mama


  3. Awesome idea for little hands and big!

    Jaclyn Cleary

  4. I need one of these because Becca refuses to eat taken apart tacos and wraps, but always ends up COVERED in the stuffing :( This would be perfect for her (and me!)

  5. I am on the same page as Stephanie, this is a whole family necessity!

  6. I need one so that the food doesn't all fall apart! that way they can eat easier!

  7. I need one to keep my little girl's clothes clean when she eats like a big girl :)