Monday, April 16, 2012

Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand and Belly Leggings Review

Oyaco sent me a couple of awesome Ingrid & Isabel products to try and here is my opinion:The BellaBand – the most versatile maternity accessory you’ll get.
You start using the BellaBand right in the beginning of your pregnancy when the belly starts to grow and you need to unbutton your regular pants. Then it comes in handy as a pseudo under shirt to hide the belly and your plumber butt that insists in making the appearance when you are preggers! The final stage is nursing, you use the BellaBand to cover your tummy when you lift your shirt to nurse your little bundle!

>> How To Wear
Wear throughout and after pregnancy
Seamless construction
Specifically designed to expand and recover for pregnancy
Adjustable; wear full-length or fold for extra hold
High-density, ultra-soft knit blend
Fabric won’t pill, fade or lose elasticity
New stay-put silicone strip offers more hold/keeps Bellaband from riding or rolling up
New longer length for extra coverage and flexibility
BellabandThe Belly Leggings – by far the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever had (even comparing to my “non Pregnancy” leggings!)
Ingrid & Isabel have found the softest IMG_1571fabric for leggings I’ve seen! This is a full-length legging with a tall, seamless waistband  that comes all the way up to just below the bra (it has seams in the inner legs but it didn’t bother me at all). You can wear it high or folded at your hips, depending on the type of support you need and your personal comfort, pregnancy stage and style.
Before I received this product my previous leggings would slide down as I moved and I felt I needed to watch my movements. Now I don’t have this problem anymore! I used my leggings during my 2.5 year old Easter egg hunt and the leggings stayed right where they should!

Details:Wear throughout and after pregnancy
Seamless fabrication for immense stretch and recovery
Technically designed to embrace a changing body
Woven to create a high-density knit for coverage and comfort
Fabric won't fade or lose its elasticity
During Mama’s Retreat sale, I had the chance to see and feel other Ingrid & Isabel products (shirts, skirts and dresses) and I have to say they are top quality. The fabrics they use are amazing and their products are made to last!

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