Friday, April 13, 2012

Exciting News!

Exciting things are afoot at Mama’s Retreat.

We apologize for the slowdown in recent months, but we’ve been working on an exciting new venture for us that we hope will bring you a host of great new products and opportunities.

As many of you know, Mama Marcela is pregnant. As of today, she is stepping down as Chief Mama to focus on growing a baby. Mama Val is stepping up as the new Chief Mama and will be in charge of most aspects of operations. Marcela will definitely be sticking around to help in the transition until she’s on full maternity leave. We are neighbours, after all!

But that’s not the only exciting development!

We are in the end stages of acquiring a retail location, a dream we’ve had since starting business two years ago. For local Nanaimo and Vancouver Island customers, this means a convenient storefront for picking up orders as well as checking out products in person or paying for the daily deals (or archive items) by cash or debit. For the rest of our customers, this development opens up a host of new product opportunities normally only available to brick-and-mortar stores!

We’ve got more amber on its way, more Melissa & Doug, Hazelwood, and lots of new goodies and ideas.

Until then, how about a blowout of existing inventory? And some freebies. I always love a freebie, don’t you?


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  1. Sounds like a great idea!

    How would you like to do a review/giveaway with me on my blog {swank}mama? I'm based in Vancouver. Email me at swankmama at live dot ca to chat more!