Monday, August 29, 2011

Treat of the Day: Melissa & Doug Wooden Trucks!

x1_61482204106c950693d37ad7a7bd4425These fantastic trucks are sure to deliver hours of entertainment!

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Car Carrier
This fantastic truck is ready to spark the economy by picking up and delivering four colorful cars. Its "easy-load and lower" ramps provide two levels for the new vehicles. Your little trucker will love "hitting the road" with this wooden six-wheeler!Low Loader2

Low Loader
Hauling a steamroller and bulldozer is hard work, and this rugged wooden rig is perfect for the job! This sturdy tractor has a removable trailer with a pull-down ramp for loading and unloading the two included construction vehicles at any childhood worksite!

Log Carrier
LogThis wooden big rig is up to the big job of hauling logs from the forest to the lumberyard! Five freshly sawn logs are held in place by an easy-release security strap to prevent the load from shifting on the open road. A great toy for the development of language, fine motor and imaginative play skills.


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