Monday, August 8, 2011

Treat of the Day: Jakfish

01Active and athletic pregnant women can finally get the exercise they need and want while wearing well-fitting, performance maternity clothing.

Nothing beats a quiet stroll when you look fabulously pregnant!

Cross REI with maternity and you get the Lightweight Pullover. This is the pullover you dreamed of owning even before you were pregnant. Made from Polartec, this is cool when you're hot and warm when you're cold. It was designed for pregnancy! The fabric hugs your body, yet it stretches for all over comfort. And the sides unzip as your belly grows and re-zip as you slim back down. But that's not all... this fabric wicks away sweat when you're walking off the pregnancy pudge. This pullover is designed so you feel and look fabulous during pregnancy and after.Jakfish


•Made from Polartec® Power Stretch®
•Available in Hydrangea or Black
•Short neck zipper
•Side-zips to accommodate your growing belly
•Thumb holes to keep sleeves in place
•Wicking fabric keeps your skin dry when you sweat
•Highly breathable
•Wind/abrasion resistant
•Machine washable
•Made in the USA

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