Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ben Bat Travel Friends, Total Support Headrest

Travel Friends Logo

One of my favorite Canadian Distributors, Oyaco, sent a sample of their latest addition for me to review, a Ben Bat Travel Friends!

It’s the cutest neck support I’ve seen, the fabric is really nice and they come in a variety of colors 204_Mouseand styles. Ben Bat Travel Friends have a different design for each age category, which makes sense as those little bodies go through a lot of changes.

My son is 23 months, we received a 1-4 years Mouse design. I love it! To get my son used to his travel friend, I gave his new mousie friend for him to play with during short trips and the first time we used it I waited for Leo to sleep and then I put his travel friend on.

The 1-4yr and 4-8+yr Travel Friends have a unique feature to: a magnetic closure on the “paws” that provides chin support, making the Travel Friend stay in the right place and keeping your kids’ head from falling forward!

Here are some photos to show how great it works!


Leo was so comfy he was drooling Smile

Travel Friends are total support headrests designed specially for “on-the-go” time, making every trip a pleasure no matter how far you go

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  1. Hi it looks comfy! But is there a strap that holds the travel friend to the child seat? Or will it follow the child's head forward? Tks

  2. actually there are magnets on the bottom of it that keep it together!!