Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lovey’s a TRULY natural baby care!

Tushi stick

I received Lovey’s products and was looking forward to trying them out the next time my son got a diaper rash!

The Tushi Stick, Lovey’s Natural diaper ointment is made in Canada with only natural ingredients. It has a gentle and yummy natural smell and it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.

The diaper rash finally showed up and I loved how that when applying the Tushi Stick I didn’t have diaper cream under my nails! Tushi Stick’s comes in a handy stick perfectly sized for little bums. Some other diaper cream sticks come on “deodorant size” sticks and I find them a bit awkward to apply.IMG_0881

I found Lovey’s Tushi Stick VERY effective… it got rid of my son’s diaper rash in only a couple of diaper changes!

The Tushi Stick is also great to fight eczema, windburns, scrapes, chaffed and dry skin too! So I suggest having a Stick for the bum and another for everything else!

IMG_0883I also tried the Shoo-Foo, a disposable & biodegradable compressed bamboo wipe. They are pretty big (12″ x 20″) after you run under water and I found it didn't need too much water for them to open up. Shoo-foo is a great helper for when you are on the go and have a big mess to clean up!

These bamboo wipes are so nice I didn't want to throw them out and it was sturdy enough to rinse and re-use.IMG_0885

Lovey’s products are a must in my diaper Bag!

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