Friday, May 27, 2011

Treat of the Day: Record & Learn Photo Album


Record & Learn Photo Album

Regular $24.99
Mama Price $14.99
That's 40%OFF

The VTech Record & Learn Photo Album holds seven 4 x 6 photos and, unique to VTech, parents can leave recorded audio messages to accompany each photo.
To keep baby's interest, the album also features three modes of play - message, learning and music mode - and teaches colors and numbers. The handle folds to form a stand, turning the album into a frame.

•Able to record messages for each photo
•Holds seven 4 x 6 photos
•Teaches colors and numbers
•Three modes of play
•Handle folds to form stand, turning the album into a photo frame

Touch & Learn Musical Bee

Regular $22.99
Mama Price $10.99 (Add On)
That's 53%OFF and you save on Shipping!02

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