Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treat of the Day: Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub

Polar_FrontView_vibesPolar Cuddle Cub is an interactive plush toy that "shivers" when your children want to play, and soothes when they are ready to sleep. Made from hypoallergenic, eco-friendly soy fabric, Polar Cuddle Cub is the perfect bedtime companion for children of all ages.

Polar Cuddle Cub is part of the Cloud B endangered species line which helps bring awareness to our animal friends who need our attention.

Multiple Award WinnerSoy_logo

Hug Me I Gently Shiver
Made using eco-friendly natural soy
Comforting Touch
Naturally Provides a Sense of Security
Children, like Polar Cubs, spend the majority of their early years close to the security and nurturing touch of their mother.
Polar Cuddle Cub produces 2 soft and unique rhythmic vibrations designed to soothe, comfort and create a cozy sleep environment. Conveniently tucked inside Polar Cuddle Cub's tummy is a removable heart shaped vibration unit that creates a gently shivering motion or a subtle beat of a resting, nurturing heart.

A white heart signifies purity and innocence. Beautiful cb_ecoLogotraits that accompany every new life

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