Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Treat of the Day: Bee's Knees


Regular CAD $24.99
Mama Price $9.99
That is
60% off

Pants are available in 100% cotton twill (chino), 100% cotton corduroy, Microfiber and Denim.  Sizes are small (6-12m), medium (12-18m) and large (18-24m).

High Performance Crawling Pants

Bee‘s Knees‘ cushy neoprene inserts are compression resistant, yet soft and stretchable. Specifically designed for medical support and protective products, even the most active crawlers will have comfortable, non-restrictive movement.

- “Bees-Knees” reinforced crawler knee pads
- Comfortable elastic waistband
- Roomy fit for chubby legs/diapers
- Soother pocket
- constructed of soft, durable fabric

Click HERE to see a review from one of our Mama-fans!

Dear Tammany, Thanks you so much for the Bee's Knees. Coco loves them. Wow! What a great invention. Thanks again,
Courteney Cox, Actress/mother

"They are so cute. It was a great addition to Milo's clothing. He thoroughly enjoyed crawling in them."
Liv Tyler, actress and motherBeesKnees

“An elegant and simple solution to a concern common to many parents in today’s homes. Great protection for baby’s knees, allowing timely development of normal postural strength in the spine.”
Dr. Patrick F. Hewitt B.SC., D.C., Chiropractor, Health Coach, Nutrition Adviser to the National Training Centre for Squash and Canada’s Coast to-Coast Riders, father of 3

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