Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: The Perfect Sippy Cup

How many Sippy Cups does a baby have to go trough? Here is my journey to find the Perfect Sippy Cup!

Mighty Grip 10 oz. Spill-Proof CupMy son’s first sippy cup was the Mighty Grip® Spill-Proof Cup by Munchkin
.This fun-to-grip contoured cup makes it easy for little hands to hold and drink. Tipping won’t spill this leak-proof cup with its built-in valve. The valve is made of soft silicone so it’s very comfortable for your growing child. This is one unique cup with a mighty big advantage.
An experienced mom, gave us the Mighty Grip as a baby shower gift and it was really great. My son had no problems using it at about 9 months to drink water but my sippy cup problems started when my son gave his Mighty Grip to our dog who chewed to bits Sad smile and I couldn't find a replacement locally so I started trying new cups.

Playtex® Lil' Gripper® Straw Cup
This cup has great pros:
Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof and Break-Proof Guarantee*
Straw promotes mature mouth movements
Slider keeps straw clean when closed
Child-Proof Guaranteed* straw stays attached and secure and cannot be removed from the cup
Liquid flows easily when child sips
Lid interchangeable with all Playtex® cups
Dishwasher safe

Now the cons:
I lost the straw section that goes inside the cup, now my son had to figure out how to drink from a straw having to bring the bottom of the cup up. So when we had a regular cup with a straw in a restaurant for example, he would pour his drink all over himself.
I later learnt a friend had the same problem.

Playtex® Coolster® Tumbler Cup


This is my current favourite cup!
Insulated and shaped like mom or dad’s coffee cup, the Coolster® tumbler is designed for older kids who are “too cool” for a sippy cup, but still need Guaranteed Spill-Proof protection.
This cup not only looks great, it also works great.
I purchased one for about $6 and my son and I loved so much I didn’t hesitate to buy a 3 pack at Costco for a bit over $10

EIO Kids Cup

Starting with glass canning jars, EIO’s unique design offers a spill-resistant (not spill proof)toddler training cup designed forthe-cup-benefits convenience and health benefits.
The EIO Kids Cup is designed to transition young children properly from bottles to real glass dinnerware. Sippy cup spouts and valves necessitate a bottle-like sucking motion, but EIO’s unique cap promotes correct sipping, quickly and with less mess.

My Son is doing great with his EIO and I believe it helps to transition to a regular cup. My only problem is that my son has too much fun at dinner time and EIO cups spill and can break so currently give drinks on his plastic cups.
My son also likes to carry his drinks around, especially during warm days so I don't feel safe leaving him freely with a glass cup.

Still, I give this cup 4 stars because it does what it is designed for!

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  1. I bought my sippy cup from Walmart for $.99 cents and it has been one of my favorite ones. I have tried all kinds and these seem to be my favorite.