Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Treat of the Day: BabyDesi Hindi Learning


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BabyDesi* offers unique products to learn Hindi with a special focus on Hindi for kids. All products are designed to build Hindi vocabulary and Hindi conversation skills.

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Education is one of the greatest gifts to give a child. Especially designed kids learning Hindi, BabyDesi* fosters a love of learning, a positive lifelong habit. You are never too young to learn a language.

Hindi for Kids – Hindi lessons to learn Hindi and speak Hindi
All Baby Desi* Hindi lesson products are designed to maximize your child’s ability to learn Hindi and speak Hindi via a fun and encouraging multi-sensory media.

Master Hindi Fast
Introducing your child to Hindi vocabulary and then building upon the acquired Hindi words with advanced sections, every DVD provide hours of learning Hindi fun. Each DVD is set against classical music to help your child thrive in their Hindi lessons as they learn to speak Hindi.

Building a Hindi vocabulary
Baby Desi* products creates a Hindi course by building Hindi vocabulary and mastering basic Hindi phrases, as opposed to focusing on technical aspects of Hindi grammar. BabyDesi* believes that children’s ability to learn Hindi is optimized with parental participation. That’s why the Hindi lesson products are interactive and work best when you stay involved.

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