Monday, January 24, 2011

Treat of the Day: SwellyBelly Band and Nursing Cover by Nine Moons

swellybellyprintsRegular CAD $29.99
Mama Price $14.99
That's 50% Off

•Newly designed for 2010.
•You can use it with your pre-pregnancy or maternity shirts that you have outgrown.
•You will use 1 SIZE for your entire pregnancy and the same size for your post pregnancy/nursing use. 
•It will keep your belly covered therefore keeping it warm in the winter (you know how it it cools down below the shirts).
•Women will stop you on the street and ask you,  "where did you buy this shirt!"
•It comes in a cute newly designed box.
•The SwellyBelly is a fashion accessory.
•The SwellyBelly is all you will need when pregnant!02

Post Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Use
he SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band™ can also be worn after you give birth as a nursing cover. This will protect your skin from being exposed while breastfeeding. Just wear it as you did during your pregnancy, lift your shirt and breastfeed. You will feel more comfortable exposing your belly while breastfeeding.

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