Monday, November 8, 2010

Treat of the day: Mix & Match Monday. Save 43% and up on Natursutten, Bink Link, Baberoo and Earlyears!



Natural Rubber Natursutten Pacifiers

The Danish word Natursut means "Natural Pacifier". The Natursutten Pacifiers (also known as dummy or soother) are made from pure, natural rubber from the tree Hevea Brasiliensi. The protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber mass used for these soothers. This means, that there is no risk of latex allergy when using them.


Bink Link

Safety was a huge motivating factor for starting Bink Link. Our niece, Sheree once purchased a glass bead pacifier clip at a craft fair. The small colored glass beads were strung on jewelry wire. It featured a small clip that was covered in lace. It seemed to fill the need at the time, which was an attractive pacifier for her new little girl.
They agreed that they would only use it when they were watching her closely because they were not sure about the safety of the device. After a couple of weeks of use the jewelry wire broke and resulted in tiny beads all over their floor. Thankfully it occurred while they were inspecting it prior to use. This experience further motivated Sheree to develop her own pacifier clip line. So Sheree set out to create a pacifier clip that was fashionable and safe.


Baberoo Organic Hip Socks

Now your baby can wear organic and be hip too!
Made of certified organic cotton and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes, these socks are great for the earth and for your baby’s tender feet.
Packaged in delightful gift boxes, these make great shower gifts, holiday gifts, or every day gifts for your baby just for being his wonderful self.
Lots of adorable styles to fall in love with.



With the Fill N Fun Water Play Mat, young ones can experience water fun without even getting wet! The Fill N Fun Water Play Mat is a great tummy time activity that includes 5 water pals to push and try to grab. Rain or shine, youngsters can have fun in the sun with this brightly colored inflatable play mat that has delightful underwater scenes, fun fish, and a smiley sun painted around the edge. Simply fill the inflatable edge of the mat with tap water and kids can have hours of tactile and visual fun with the Fill N Fun Water Play Mat from Earlyears!

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