Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treat of the Day: Bella Tunno & Potty Timer

 Shipping is Free on orders over $20 for all Mamas in Canada and USA ($4 for under $20)

Two items that are both MUST HAVES.


02The Bella Tunno placemat is very portable, makes sure your child is eating off a clean surface in the restaurant AND flips over to be a soft chalk board your children can draw on while you are waiting for your meal... ingenious! 


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06  The Potty Timer, well... we need all the help we can get and the Potty Timer has gone into tens of thousands of 'relieved' parents hands!  Look down the page to read more and find out how you can help your kids get potty trained.  These are the New and Improved version.  ONLY the best for our Mamas!07

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