Saturday, November 6, 2010

Treat of the day: 44% off Booby Trapper Nursing Cover

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Booby Trapper's patent-pending design makes it the only truly functional, baby-friendly nursing canopy!


Unlike other nursing canopies, the Booby Trapper will not collapse on your baby's face while he or she is eating. Its unique design creates a roomy tent under which your baby can comfortably nurse in public.
Booby Trapper's Unique Features  
The patent-pending design makes for a visible, truly happy baby.
The generous size ensures the modesty of nursing moms.
Its lightweight, breathable fabric allows for great airflow.
It’s large enough to act as a shade canopy for your baby.
It creates a soothing, distraction-free space for napping in public places.

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Mama's Retreat - Treat of the day: Booby Trapper Nursing Cover

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