Sunday, October 17, 2010

Treat of the day: Dimpleskins Naturals


Dimpleskins Naturals

Dimpleskins Naturals is a company commited to use ZERO chemicals. Manufactured by hand in British Columbia, using only pure and organic ingredients.


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Dimpleskins Naturals is committed to using ZERO chemicals for these reasons: 82% of children are exposed to one or more known human neurotoxins every week through their use of personal care products. According to the National Academy of Sciences, several factors contribute to children's exceptional vulnerability to the harmful effects of chemicals (NAS 1993):

  • A child's chemical exposures are greater pound-for-pound than those of an adult.
  • Children are less able than adults to detoxify and excrete chemicals.
  • Children's developing organ systems are more vulnerable to damage from chemical exposures.
  • Children have more years of future life in which to develop disease triggered by early exposure.
  • Consider the skin. Studies confirm what any parent knows: an infant's skin is soft and delicate.

Who makes your products? We do!! We have our own 'Skin Care Bakery' in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where we hand make our own products

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