Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Treat of the Day: Baby Parka


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Don't wait until it's cold to get your winter gear... make sure you are ready!  Baby Parkas are so much better than trying to hold that blanket on your baby.  There are soooo many reasons why it's better they have come up with a TOP TEN list.  Check out the list below to see what you are missing out on, or ask your friends who have them already.

And they are also made in Canada!!



top 10 reasons to use a baby parka..
1.Two way hood... this baby parka works for both inward and outward facing babies.
2.Can’t drop it. The anchor straps and buckles secure unit to infant carrier.
3.Elastic drawstring and a cord stopper allow for a snug fit.
4.Cover the head...we loose a lot of body heat if we don’t cover up our melons.
5.Using the baby parka with your carrier makes using your carrier way better. You don’t have to struggle to shove your snowsuit clad baby into the carrier. Instead let the baby parka dress your infant carrier.
6.Spit ups and other baby accidents are easy to clean - wash baby parka in cold water and dry on low heat.
7.Reflective tape - we know it gets dark really early as the winter approaches.
8.Handsfree. When you use a baby parka for your infant carrier there is no more fiddling with blankets... leaving you handsfree to sip a latte or hold onto a bag of groceries. Parents who also have dogs find this helpful.
9.Depending on the stroller some clients have told us that this baby parka works.
10.Foot pouch. Keeps feet toasty and warm. Also catches kicked off shoes and socks

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