Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treat of the day: 40% off on Bella Tunno Wristlet Diaper Clutch



A Survival Sack for the Parenthood Jungle, Camouflaged in a Wristlet Clutch!

 02Oopsie Ditty is sized to hold    04  diapers & wipes.
•More than 10 ‘In a Pinch” products are included to keep parents prepared and kids content.
•Stylish wristlet design makes Oopsie Ditty posh & practical.
•Hanging loop allows for hands-free access to contents.
•Slim shape fits almost anywhere for on-the-go accessibility (12 in wide by 7 in tall) Oopsie Ditty Diapers and Wipes Wristlet includes a Parent’s SOLUTION SACK with MORE THAN 10 “In a
03Pinch” products:
• Bella Tunno™ Disposable Bib
• Bella Tunno™ Disposable Placemat • Bella Tunno™ Disposable Multi-Purpose Pad
• Shout™ Stain Remover Wipe
• Purrell™ Antibacterial Wipes (2)
• Band-Aids™ Adhesive Strips (2)
• 10 Pack Baby Wipes
• Sargant Arts™ Crayons
• Bic™ Notepad • Bic™ Pen


Mama's Retreat | Treat of the day: Bella Tunno

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