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Treat of the day: Lug-a-bug hip carriers


Birth Story of the Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier: Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier was born out of a desire by mum, Sarah Williams, to create a home-based business that would allow her to spend more time at home with her two little girls. Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier was an invention also born out of necessity… a way to carry her growing girls that wasn’t bulky, expensive or complicated. Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier was born on a warm day in the spring of 2006...weighing in just under one pound!



About Lug-a-Bug

Lug-a-Bug hip carriers are designed to assist you in carrying your child. The child should seat comfortably and evenly from both sides and shouldn't be leaning on either side. The carrier should come at least half way up the back of your baby when you are wearing it, to just beneath their armpits. NEVER attempt to carry a child in any other way. The carrier is not designed for your child to sit facing outward. When you are active, keep your arm around your baby's back for support and balance.
Lug-a-Bug hip carriers CANNOT be used before the child is able to hold its head unassisted (around 4 months).
Lug-a-Bug hip carriers should NOT be used with the child who weighs more than 35 lb.
Read the instructions carefully and adjust the carrier BEFORE you put the child in. Once you have adjusted the fit, put the child in and make sure s/he is centered, secure and well-seated.
You are responsible for reading and following carrier instructions and warnings (see SAFETY WARNINGS above). Failure to do so can result in serious injury to your baby. You agree, that we cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from the improper use of the carrier, not following the instructions, carelessness or misuse of the product. Your child's safety is your responsibility...Your Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier is guaranteed for the life of the product.

How Lug-a-Bug Benefits You:

  • Designed to reduce stress and strain on your back and shoulders
  • Keeps your child's legs from dangling in front of yours, making it easier to walk
  • Offers a level of convenience and freedom strollers can't - for mums on the move.
  • Frees up a hand or two for other uses—”Look Ma—your hands are free!”
  • Portable, simple to use, compact and the least expensive hip carrier on the market.

How Lug-a-Bug Benefits Your Child:

  • Provides a comfortable, nurturing environment in your arms
  • Promotes parent/child bonding by keeping you and your child close together
  • Offers interaction between you and your child—no mirrors required!!

Design Features of your Lug-a-Bug:

  • Strong, Secure Fastex Buckle
    keeps your child safe and secure in the carrier.
  • Wide, Adjustable Waist Strap
    provides comfort and easy one-handed fit adjustment.
  • Open Leg Area
    accommodates larger children.
  • Universal Strap with Shoulder Pad
    for those of you who are ambidextrous …it allows you to carry your child on
    either your right or left hip.
  • Toy Hook
    lets you attach a soother or your child's favourite toy.

Instructions & Care

Instructions for Wearing

It is ideal for babies over 5 months, up to 35 lbs.
Available in 3 sizes: S/M 28" - 39" adult waist, L/XL 32" - 53" adult waist and XXL 37" - 64" waist.
new size = XS 21-35" adult waist
Lets you 'lug' baby on your hip... in style and comfort!
Look Ma!... your hands are free!!

How to Use Your Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier

Carefully read the following instructions and make all major waist and shoulder strap adjustments WITHOUT your child in the carrier. It is important that you support your child's weight until you have made all adjustments to the carrier. The Lug-a-Bug Hip Carrier can be used on either hip.

inst_1 inst_2 inst_3 inst_4

Care of your Carrier

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or machine wash cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent and hang to dry for a more thorough cleaning.



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