Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treat of the Day: Head Snuggler


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Designed to properly support your child's head and neck. Made in Canada!

If you have children, then you know the trouble with sleeping children in car seats. Their poor little heads bob and flop from front to side to side. It's an uncomfortable thing to watch as a parent, and can be harmful to their necks and spines.

That's why I decided to develop the Head SnugglerTM. It's designed to properly support a child's head and neck while he/she rests in the car seat (or simple umbrella stroller) to not only provide more comfort for kids, but peace of mind for parents.


"As a pediatrician and parent, I can really see the benefits of using a Head SnugglerTM on your children. Properly supporting a child's head in a car seat has been an issue for parents for many years. I believe this product affectively addressed parent's concerns and provides children with a more comfortable experience while resting in their car seats."
Dr. Peter Nieman FRCP (C)

Snuggler-Prevents- -Usage-Photo

Knowing how my own children love using their Head SnugglersTM, I knew other children and parents would benefit from it as well.

Your child will need a little time to get accustomed to their Head SnugglerTM (please see usage tips below). You may need to wait until they are asleep to put it on, but it won't take long before they ask for their Head SnugglerTM or even pull it down for themselves when they grow tired during a drive.

Your child will sleep in a safer and more comfortable position, and you will feel at ease knowing that they are in a safer position for their neck and spine.

"As a Chiropractor and mother of three, I was always trying to find ways to hold my babies' heads straight in their car seats. I would worry that misalignments would happen to my children when they would sleep with their heads slumped forward in car seats or strollers, because in my practice I would see people with neck problems due to poor posture. When I started using the "Head SnugglerTM" I was very excited to see my children sleeping comfortably with properly aligned spines. Not only does this bring me peace of mind, but my children loved to use it too."
Kyla Brulotte, D.C., CACCP


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