Monday, September 13, 2010

Origany Reversible Baby Hoodies



If... I mean WHEN it gets dirty , just turn it inside out!

Origany's reversible baby hoodie received the coveted iParenting Media Award for Greatest Clothing.

Origany Reversible Baby Hoodies are super-soft and versatile and because our babies can wear it both sides it is very cost effective.
Origany is a company that prides itself as one that is focusing on environmentally conscious clothing and accessories made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. They call it "Clothing Made Organic by Nature."

Made in India with certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes.

Reversible Baby Hoodie with Baby Blue and Espresso Roast
Reversible Baby Hoodie in Light Pink and White

Why Organic Cotton?
Over the past decade, you may have heard some of the reports citing conventional cotton farming as one of agriculture’s most environmentally destructive activities. The simple act of growing and harvesting the one pound of cotton fiber needed to make a T-shirt takes an enormous toll on the air, water, and soil, not to mention the health, of people living and working in the country where cotton is grown.

Organically grown cotton eliminates these harmful chemicals and is certified by independent third parties and some state agencies to ensure that no synthetic substances were used in the cultivation and harvesting of the fibers. Cotton grown on land free of chemicals for three years is certified as "organic."

 01 Pink InnerBlue inner

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