Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mama's ReTreat | Minky Nighty by Bizoux Bizoux


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“BABY YOUR BABY” with the originals from BIZOUX BIZOUX

The ultimate in night time comfort and warmth for you baby is also the most convenient for you to do night diaper changes.  Bizoux Bizoux nighties are made with a luxurious and silky soft Minky fabric. It is the ultimate fabric for making baby blankets, cozy baby robes, apparel, toys, quilt backings and just about any baby accessory.  You are going to want one for yourself when you feel how soft the Minky fabric is.

Bizoux Bizoux nighties are also open on the bottom making night time diaper changes easier, faster and less disturbing to your sleeping baby.

Made in  Canada

Mama's ReTreat | One Deal a Day on Baby Products! Treat your Baby, treat yourself!

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